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Digitial Transformation 

Strategy & Leadership

We help them to define a robust digital transformation strategy. We work with the client to define and robust plan to implement the digital strategy. We also guide the client, get high buy-in from the leadership team and get high financial investment.


We help clients adopt new technologies that are leveraged or considered to accomplish their organization’s goals better. The corporate strategy and technology teams work together to define the corporate strategy.


We help clients in automating  business processes. We ensure algorithms and machine learning are extensively used to optimize processes automatically and support the continuum from full service to self-service.

Culture & People

We help clients have the right talents and capabilities and help the company is well-known for its great digital culture. Work with the clients and ensure that the employee training is pushed to individuals on-demand as part of continual improvement.


We help our clients experiment with new emerging marketing levers. We help the client use both traditional and digital marketing levers in an integrated way and are great at creating shareable, viral content.

Manage Brandment

We help clients have a consistent and differentiating brand across digital channels and customer trust within the industry.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Assessment

We help clients in selecting the PaaS and SaaS solutions through assessments. We help with the challenge of deploying Cloud Applications, which includes the integration systems and ERP application platforms

Cloud Consulting

Our capabilities include technology consulting, business consulting, implementation, integration, support and data migration.

Cloud Integration

Our team develops complete team targets and develops an effective integration plan that includes communication plans, workforce transition plans, and programs of work.

Cloud at Customer

We help our clients to bring second-generation public cloud services and SaaS applications into their datacenter and run them without data sovereignty concerns.

Cloud Optimization

We help clients make informed infrastructure decisions to optimize application performance. It’s about Right-Sizing, Right Buying, Real-time monitoring, and Lightweight monitoring. Services: Real-time monitoring, Cloud Cost Optimization.

Cloud Migration

We help streamline cloud migration and maintain optimum capabilities and service levels. We advise our customers on various cloud offering to identify the best approach.

Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

We help clients in Custom Application Development, Application Modernization, Legacy Application Migration, System Integration, and Product Development.

Website Design & Development

We help clients with E-commerce Portal development, WordPress development, CMS Website, and Enterprise Portal.


We help clients with iOS and Android Development, Hybrid Mobile Application Development, Responsive Web Application Development, Cross-Platform Application Development, and Enterprise Mobile applications.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We help clients with TCoE, Device and Product Testing, Verification & Validation, Security Testing, and Compliance.

Data Services

We help clients in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Migration & Modernization, and Product Development.

UI/UX Development

We help clients in the user experience design and development, thereby improving the quality of interaction between a user and all facets of a company.