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Life Science & Health Care

We implement systems to make an enterprise backbone sufficiently supporting the client’s mission of re-imagining life sciences and healthcare and delivering more favourable outcomes for patients, providers, and payers.

Our experts work alongside the customer and implement Cloud ERP that will efficiently allocate resources to help get financial data into decision-maker’s hands faster and stay on top of the industry-related rules and regulations.

Our clients use cloud solutions to shave off significant monthly financial close time and reduce consolidation cycles through increased automation. In addition to a faster close, we help customers to save high costs through automation and create a platform for future productivity and innovation gains using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Mergers and Acquistion

Corporate Strategy

Commerical effectiveness and customer experience


Digital Transformation

Advanced Analytics

Performance Improvement

Navcara for Public Sector

The tools necessary to remove decades of process friction from government systems.

How Navcara helps Public Sector Leaders

Execute your mission with deep process understanding

Visualize and optimize processes across technology, people and programs to deliver mission outcomes.

Reduce agency reliance on institutional knowledge

Empower your workforce by leveraging innovative technology to operate effectively and efficiently, with low administrative overhead.

Derisk systems transformation projects

Understand what’s working today, simulate how it should work tomorrow and develop new processes that keep your organization moving forward with speed and confidence.

Maximize Mission Performance Across Public Sector

System Transformation

Derisk and maximize impact of systems modernization projects

Digitization enables much greater societal and economic impact in the government, aerospace, and education sectors. However, system modernizations from legacy ERPs, homegrown systems, and mainframes have been riddled with delays, cost overruns and unsustainable implementation.

A data-driven approach to this migration allows you to produce the best possible mission outcomes by fully understanding how your processes work today, building new processes that meet the moment, and delivering citizen journeys for the future.


Streamline procurement and meet industry regulations

At each step of the procurement process, best practices are in place to ensure efficiency and adhere to important regulations. Without end-to-end process visibility, these best practices fall by the wayside and lead to inefficiencies such as improper payments or bottlenecks.

Through efficient sourcing, vendor management, and procure-to-pay processes, organizations and agencies can ensure that procurement shared services keep pace with modern practices.

Finance and Administration

Re-imagine what’s possible when your back office moves at light speed

Processes like Receivables, Collections, and Contract Management are the backbone of running your business, yet they still rely on manual processes. Empower your agencies and programs by streamlining shared services, reducing administrative strains, and accelerating decision-making.

Citizen Services

Citizen services are at the core of most government agencies.

In order to provide scalable services that are responsive in times of need, leaders must be proactive in improving citizen service delivery.

Enable your team to understand the citizen journey, measure claimant satisfaction, and translate these improvement opportunities into front- and back-end case management improvements.


Governments are one entity that the citizens of this world can trust. The government’s shift on any of the current technologies can change its face of it drastically. We help global governments understand cloud technologies and help governments build the right architecture for their governing needs.

Our experts help governments to decommission legacy systems and secure federal systems and information reducing double data entry while improving data quality. Real-time information on org charts, competencies, and skills across the larger community lets the team easily respond to government needs.

Growth Strategy

Organizational Effectiveness

Information Technology

Performance Improvement

Change Management