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Simplify your workflow to make faster decisions as you seamlessly move through your trade lifecycles. Leverage a multi-asset execution management system and streamline your financial processes like never before.

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Nail trading across markets while reducing costs 

The truth is that most companies aren’t working to their total capacity. While most of these fail to realize, the difference between average performing KPIs and significant ones can cause hundreds of dollars worth of revenue. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic made the gaps between the current statuses and the goals organizations aspire to achieve clearer. Be it the Days Payable Outstanding or the Net Promoter Score across customer service, the ultimate impact is on an organization’s customer experience. However, things don’t have to be the same way with a process improvement initiative. Welcome to the Financial execution management system, an organization’s guide to tapping into its hidden potential and maximizing business performance.

Move up the ladder with Navcara’s Financial EMS

Pioneer Tech for your enterprise

Be it machine learning or artificial intelligence, leverage the next-gen technologies that help businesses thrive. Create an impactful core for your business, where all your processes come for innovation and streamlining. Take impactful decisions backed by robust tech-backed processes. Bring together process mining, AI, and automation all through a single platform for your business. 

Deliver processes on desired results

Reduce your working capital by delivering on-point customer experiences. Free your business from rigid and fragmented IT systems as you unlock your maximum execution capacity. Most processes can’t deliver the expected results due to the complexity and isolation of IT infrastructure. Identify risk capabilities in your business and streamline your processes to reduce their impact.

Strengthen your core processes

Get to the bottom of elements that are hampering your business, both in the short and long term. Be it late payments or high-impact delivery bottlenecks, stay a step ahead of these with efficient process mining. When you leverage an execution management system in your organization, you don’t just identify the root causes of your failing expectations but also take the steps necessary to achieve your goal.

Unlock business value using process mining

Proactively correct your invoices and resolve financial issues even before they crop up. Once you start mining your processes through an execution management system, you open several opportunities for your business. Transform your business by focusing on optimizing processes to deliver exceptional performance. Don’t just take a process improvement initiative, but also leverage the next-gen approaches that are helping businesses across the world excel.  

Achieve breakthroughs by shifting your mindset

While optimizing processes is just a starting point, it helps create several new opportunities for a growing business. To achieve a breakthrough in this era, maximize the capacity of your processes to execute. This is where an execution management system helps you take off.

Accelerate top-line without driving costs

Solve intelligent problems as you drive rapid action and deliver results in the age of disruption. Transform process improvement from your analysts to broader and bigger board rooms. Get incremental gains by tweaking your financial processes, whose capacity seems inherently limited. 

Do it with Navcara

Automate workflows

Implement automation in coherence with another tech in your organization. Gone are the days when organizations implemented automation as isolation for their processes. With Navcara, bring all your tech on a single platform.

End-to-end workflow management 

Manage your workflows right from where they originate to where they deliver. Leverage pre-trade analytics that helps you optimize your workflows and make them deliver the best for your customers.  

Flexible platform

Meet end-to-end objectives by getting detailed viability of your processes. Make trading across markets easier and smoother for your teams and customers. Get a single point of entry to all your processes with Navcara.