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Organizations have been constantly investing in shared services to drive overall efficiency and boost the value of their business. The race to reduce costs, advance capabilities and regulate processes is now driven by how industries transform shared services.

Launch your shared services digital transformation with Navcara.

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Minimize costs & drive digital transformation

Rapid changes in business conditions have led shared services leaders to reform the way digital technologies improvise and optimize their services. As businesses continue investing in digital solutions, strengthen their abilities and enter new markets, they require a service model that can cater to their business needs while at the same time controlling costs.

Shared services leaders need to reevaluate their digital agenda and understand more functions. 

Creative abilities and quality are the need of the hour and not just services and efficiencies.

Drive your business to achieve its objective with Navcara’s Enterprise Management System

Revamp shared services and stay ahead of the curve with Navcara’s EMS

Drive process efficiencies and boost profit-to-revenue ratio

Standardizing processes and driving overall efficiency should be every organization’s priority if they aim to increase their operating margins. Streamline processes to witness substantial cost reduction and boost your profit-to-revenue ratio.

Uplift your business partnership to the next level

Accelerate your business processes strategically across all levels of operations from sales & marketing to supply chain. Enable improvements across different parts of the service chain to provide the highest quality and centralization.

Develop new technology for your business

While most of the effort associated with shared services transformation is focused on processes, technology also demands equal, if not more, attention. Technology, if implemented poorly, can have the opposite effect, therefore, requires a complete understanding of the system and processes into which the technology is being integrated. 

Build a path to perfect and implement a new technology best suits your business.

Fix inefficiencies and maximize gains from fundamental processes


Eccentric purchases are one of the significant reasons for procurement inefficiencies, rectifying it using machine learning to redirect PRs to strategic merchants from purchase orders automatically.

Payable accounts

Late payments are responsible for compromises on service-level agreements. Identify the underlying reasons for late payments and ensure every bill is paid at the right time to maintain SLAs and minimize costs.

Order management

Figure out the root cause and understand why significant deliveries are facing setbacks. Based on the insight, you have the liberty to divide or assort orders and achieve low touch and on-time delivery every single time.

Receivable accounts

Let the customer have the convenience to improve their outstanding accounts receivable metrics by fixing disputes even before they happen and actively correcting the bills before they reach the customer.

Where Navcara fits in

Minimizing costs

Navcara helps your business minimize costs by automatically identifying and resolving errors and obstructions for touchless and precise processing.

Optimizing service quality

Shared services enable businesses to provide better client service and strive for continuous improvement. With Navcara, you can focus on providing better customer services and extract more excellent value by intelligently prioritizing processes and using automation.

Ensuring compliance

With Navcara, establish prefabricated conformance checks that act as a safety rail and make sure your teams maintain compliance.